Welcome and Thank You for having a look at my photographic art


Eva Lam studied photography and is currently based in Los Angeles.  Her  interest in art began with her affection for story books as a child.  She loved to hide in movie theater andenvision herself in the virtual world of moving pictures.  As a female, Eva has a strong sense offemininity, it is unique, vibrant, obscure and sometimes erratic.


Eva specializes in fine art photography with a focus on conceptual/feminism portraits.


Picking upthe camera is an exciting process for Eva, it gives her an opportunity toexplore the distinctive world of sensations. She aims to integrate her passion for atmosphere, individuality andperception with a hint of modernity in each of her photographs.  Essentially, share these beautiful storieswith others.  


APÉRO Catalogue Pose - June 2018

Vincent Price Art Museum -   New Voices:  2018 Student Art Exhibition - Honorable Mention - September 2018

Photo Place Gallery - Fictional Narrative - December 2018

APÉRO Catalogue Rise - January 2019

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